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Ministerial Studies Program

First year

BIB 101      Old Testament Survey

BIB 102      New Testament Survey

BIB 103      Synoptic Gospels

MIN 101     Ministerial Practice I: Evangelism

MIN 102     History, Missions and Governance of the AG

MIN 103     Introduction to Missions

MIN 113     A Spirit-Empowered Church

THE 101     Systematic Theology I

THE 102     Systematic Theology II

Second year

BIB 204       Acts

BIB 205       Prison Epistles

BIB 206       Hermeneutics

MIN 204      Introduction to Homiletics

MIN 205      Ministerial Ethics

THE 203       Systematic Theology III

THE 204       Systematic Theology IV

Third year

BIB 307        Romans

BIB 311        Mayor Prophets

BIB 312        Minor Prophets

BIB 313        Daniel and Revelation

MIN 306       Conflict Resolution

MIN 307       Leadership

MIN 308       Ministerial Practice II: Christian Education

Fourth year

BIB 408        Corinthian Epistles

BIB 410        Pentateuch

BIB 411        Poetic Books

MIN 409       Pastoral Ministry 

MIN 410       Church Administration

MIN 411       Expository Preaching

MIN 412       Ministerial Practice III: Pastoral Ministry

THE 405       Prayer and Worship





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